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Three ways to clean up those make-up disasters from summer beauty routines

WITH sunny weather finally here, many of us are glamming up with nail polish and fake tan.

But if you spill your lotions, cleaning up the mess can be a nightmare.

Heres how to get rid of tough stains from eyeful routines[/caption]

Heres how to get rid of tough stains from summer beauty routines...

MAKE UP: If youve overly had mascara or eyeshadow fly out of your hands and on to the carpet, youll know that these products are nonflexible to budge.

Henry Hoover cleaning expert Alice Lynch says: Get to work on the stain as quickly as possible, considering once the mark dries it will need soaking to loosen it up and it can be very difficult to prize it yonder from the fibres.

She recommends blotting the zone with tissue first to remove uneaten fluid, stuff shielding not to spread the stain.

Then use a cleaning solution to help remove marks.

Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover is currently on offer for £2.80 at Wilko.

FAKE TAN: You might want to add a warm glow to your skin but not your bed sheets or suffuse towels, too.

Alice says: In most instances, we teach using unprepossessed water to remove stains as it gets hold of dirt increasingly effectively.

Hot water can do the opposite by encouraging the stain substance to cling to the fibres, which can rationalization damage.

If you have fake tan marks on sheets, dig out some shaving foam. It can work wonders at removing these tough stains.

Simply work the foam into the mark and wipe off with a wateriness cloth.

NAIL VARNISH: Nail varnish is one of the toughest stains to deal with. Alice says: These types of spillages are often the most feared due to the nature of the substances.

One nifty trick that can work is sprinkling sultry soda on the stain and pouring a little ginger ale on top, equal to cleaning experts online.

Let it sit for virtually ten minutes surpassing scrubbing at the stain.

Hairspray can moreover be surprisingly good at lifting off nail polish marks.

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