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I’m a gardening whizz – the 20p kitchen staple that will instantly stop insects from infesting your plants and flowers

EVERY year many of us slave yonder in the garden to get it looking in top condition for those warm summer days.

Planting new flowers and plants, ensuring the patio looking perfect and sprucing the zone up with some new purchases from upkeep shops Its a big project to undertake, but so worth it in the end.

A man has revealed an easy way to get rid of bugs in plant[/caption]
He instructed viewers to get their cinnamon out from the kitchen[/caption]
He said you should sprinkle the cinnamon virtually your plants[/caption]

But this all comes crashing lanugo if bugs and insects uncork infesting the new greenery in your backyard. 

Whats worse is it seems scrutinizingly untellable to get rid of them. 

Luckily, one man has revealed his clever method to ensure they come nowhere near your plants and you probably once have what you need. 

Taking to his social media, Armen Adamjan explained: Check out this quick little trick to get rid of bugs in your plants.

He then instructed viewers to grab cinnamon from their spice cupboards to sprinkle it virtually your plants. 

Cinnamon will unquestionably prevent those gnats from seeming and other kinds of bugs, he shared. 

Even squirrels and other kind of animals will stay yonder from your plants. 

Not only that, but equal to TikTok user @creative_explained, cinnamon moreover has anti-fungal properties, which will help prevent diseases in your plants.

He widow that sprinkling cinnamon, which financing just 20p from the Refill Store, on seedlings will encourage their growth

GARDEN MAGIC, he wrote in the caption as many people flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts on his nifty hack. 

 One person wrote: Cinnamon the wonder spice, followed by a thumbs up emoji. 

Another asked: Will this help with ants? to which he responded: Yes.