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The Best Deal in the World Right Now

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Come with me on this thought experiment.

Its the year 2089 and the world is enjoying an incredible new medicine. Scientists working in the jungles of Papua New Guinea have discovered a natural recipe that induces a host of tremendous health and quality-of-life improvements in virtually everyone who takes it. Considering of its incredible properties, it has been named miraculos.

At first miraculos was only used to aid immune system function, and at this it was profoundly effective. People who take this medicine on a resulting understructure get sick much less often, both with minor ailments like unprepossessed and flu, and major ones like cancer, heart disease, plane dementia. As such, they live longer.

Researchers subsequently discovered that the same treatment confers dozens of spare health benefits. Subjects report things like clearer skin, improved sleep, greater unorthodoxy density, and largest joint health. They enjoy increased physical strength, flexibility, and co-ordination.

Amazingly, these physical benefits come with powerful cognitive and emotional benefits: increased focus and mental clarity, improved mood and outlook, and a lower incidence of peepers and anxiety.

Miraculos is known to be socially transformative as well. Those who take it are unceasingly rated as largest looking by focus groups. They invariably wilt increasingly confident in their interactions, and receive increasingly compliments and romantic interest. They do largest at work. Their social status improves. They like themselves more.

Users of miraculos when taken as directed moreover notice greater subjective ease and well-being in scrutinizingly everything they do, although this goody is less often discussed than the official scientific findings. Doing anything physical, such as cleaning, loading up the car, or delivering groceries up the steps, feels like a walkover compared to how it felt previously. This effect often extends to the realm of self-control as well it simply feels easier to eat right and get to bed on time, for example, creating mutually-reinforcing secondary and tertiary benefits. Users of miraculos often say their lives have transformed entirely within a few months of whence their first serious treatment.

Post-miraculos society

No prescription is necessary for miraculos, but it is recommended people talk to their doctors surpassing self-administering the compound. In 2089, it has been rigorously tested for several decades now, with very few people reporting negative side effects, at least when taken in the recommended doseage range, which is quite broad.

The terms of the deal

Think well-nigh what would you pay for such a medicine, if it existed for a guaranteed, virtually entirely-positive life transformation in many areas, not to mention a longer and healthier life. A days wages per month? A weeks? . . . expressly if it made you increasingly capable of virtually everything, perhaps including earning money.

Thankfully, miraculos can never be patented, due to obscure technical reasons. It has been made misogynist to every human on the planet, but not for free. The enlightened bureaucratic systems of 2089 guarantee that anyone can secure wangle to miraculos and its life-changing benefits by performing a moderate value of transmission labor every week most often three to six hours in total. The word-for-word schedule is up to the patient, but it cant be washed-up all at once. Typically this labor is washed-up in short, daily instalments, so that people can fit it into their work and family routines.

Theres a wide variety of forms that this miraculos-qualifying labor may take, and subjects may segregate the forms that request most. There are specialized locations for doing this labor, but many forms can be washed-up at home.

One of many forms or payment

This labor-for-miraculos wattle sounds as though it would be unfair to people less capable of vigorous transmission labor. For that reason, the effort required is scaled to meet ones present ability; it need only be vigorous for that person. People can simply work to their current level of capability, which increases gradually due to the transformative powers of the medicine. However, the labor must unchangingly be vigorous for one person, that ways unloading two hundred heavy crates, while for another, its walking, or hoisting a pair of soup tins. Under this system, miraculos will unchangingly have a meaningful forfeit that is payable by effort, but nobody is priced out of it.

The required value of labor isnt huge, certainly not compared to its ultimate benefits, but neither is it insignificant. People are busy, and its a non-negligible feat to ensure the labor gets washed-up on the resulting understructure required to secure miraculoss benefits. You often do not get paid money for this labor, although it is possible to unify things that way.

Whatever the form, the benefits are so transformative that its nonflexible to imagine anyone not prioritizing this work, expressly as it makes scrutinizingly every other speciality of life easier.

Why opt out?

Of course, miraculos does exist in our world, metaphorically, withal with its scalable forfeit in labor. Most people do not opt to pay.

Just reading the word exercise can induce a unrepealable tiredness, but thats what miraculos is. It is available, eminently transformative, and, given its powers, surprisingly unpopular.


There are undoubtedly medical conditions that prevent a person from getting a miraculos-level dose of vigorous exercise, but thats not the specimen for most people who opt out. Chances are, you can have the magic pill if you want it, under terms similar to those above: doing 30-60 minutes of vigorous (for you) exercise per day will positively transform your life, in a dozen or so mutually-reinforcing ways unless youre once doing it.

So why dont people pay the quite-reasonable price for the weightier medicine in existence? Having been someone who has both paid in full, refused to pay, and paid inconsistently, I think most of the resistance boils lanugo perceiving the forfeit as higher than it really is, and the rewards as smaller than they really are.

In other words, the weightier deal in the world looks like a bad deal from the outside i.e. when youre not taking the deal.

When youre not regularly doing anything vigorous, doing something vigorous feels worrisome and uncomfortable. This problem is a completely surmountable one, but it is only a problem in the first place considering of the queer period of time in which we live.


Our weird century

Theres only been a short window of history, roughly a century, in which its plane been possible for a normal person not to regularly do vigorous work. For largest or worse, we live in that window. Technology has unliable us to skid yonder from frequent moving and lifting and making stuff happen with our muscles, which used to be tabbed life.

The resulting unconfined illusion, particular to our era, is that regular vigorous worriedness is for human beings an elective pursuit. Stuff into bodily exercise is viewed as a niche thing, like stuff into K-pop or competitive Scrabble, only a little increasingly popular.


Vigorous worriedness is only optional from the point of view of our anomalous, sedentary century. Think of it this way: human persons were made specifically for doing strenuous things, and so living without regular vigorous worriedness makes us sick. Opting out of vigorous daily exercise isnt denying oneself an spanking-new opportunity to rise whilom the normal human state, its to never know it at all.

How to navigate the divide

Given that we futurelings are unlikely to get much exercise on an incidental basis, how do we get ourselves to voluntarily take the deal of the century? Plane if you stipulate with my proposition that were emphatically made for physical worriedness and wilt sick without it, how do you navigate the divide?

Ill unpack that in an upcoming post, but for now Ill say this much: the number one thing is to never do an exercise you truly hate.

Beginners scrutinizingly unchangingly gravity themselves to do exercises they dont like, considering theyre the best ones, equal to some person who exercises for a living and long ago achieved self-sustaining momentum. You do not overly have to do burpees or sit-ups or broomstick twists. You have to do exercises that have something for you in them something at least marginally interesting or attractive. Try a lot of activities, build a repertoire from the ones youre most keen on, and waif the ones you dread.

Not necessary

In fact, it is possible to get into unconfined shape doing only things that are fun for you (climbing, squash, hiking, etc) although it should be said that once-unpleasant activities can wilt fun and well-appointed in ways you never expected, once youre not so sick with “exertion aversion.”

People that do any kind of vigorous worriedness regularly do it considering theyve found something they like well-nigh it in the short term. If its not the feeling of the movement itself, its vibration their previous numbers, its social environment, its rituals, or something else that feels at least a bit good today. Nobody is running on pure willpower, or visions of afar rewards. Find the activities with qualities you like, and drill down.

And remember that you cant evaluate the how well miraculos works for you until youre taking it properly, and taking it properly entails consistency over a number of weeks at the very least.

Thats the deal, but its a very, very good deal.