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I’m a fashion expert – how to stop chub rub and banish boob sweat to keep chic in the heat

AS the mercury looks set to hit a tropical 30 degrees this weekend, Clemmie Fieldsend solves your 15 biggest summer style woes.


Summer dress
We teach you the tricks to solve your 15 biggest summer style woes superiority of a sweltering weekend

NO matter how many times you wash your go-to white T-shirt or vest, sometimes detergent cant shift those unsightly yellow stains.

But the remedy lies in your kitchen cupboards.

Rub lemon juice mixed with bicarbonate of soda into the stains and leave to soak in overnight.

Then wash as normal for brighter, yellow-free whites.


fab friday front,
Lightweight, cotton and pad-free style bras can eliminate any glut weight to alimony you cool

UNDERWEAR is the foundation of every outfit, so you need to get it right during summer.

When you want to stay as tomfool as you can its vital to eliminate any glut weight, so ditch your padded bra which is likely to make you uneaten sweaty.

Opt for lightweight, cotton and pad-free styles, like this bra from Next which is misogynist in sizes 30D to 40DD.

  • Bra, 20, Next


fab friday front,
Use specialist tape to alimony your shorts in place so they don’t ride up when you walk or sit down

SHORTS are a summer staple, but can often ride up when you walk or when you sit down. Avoid this by taping them into place on your upper thighs.

Specialist tape comes in a pocket-size tin and is pre-cut into strips that wont budge or forfeiture skin.

  • Hollywood Fashion Tape, 15, Amazon


SANDALS are synonymous with summer but should be worn with caution.

Not only can they get slippy and dangerous when you sweat but they can moreover rub.

To prevent this, put plasters on the strapping. They can be cut to the correct size and unchangingly go for fabric ones as theyre most durable in the heat.

  • Fabric plasters, 1.99, Superdrug


IF you unwittingly slop the grease from a BBQ burger lanugo your front or have sun surf stains on your gown fear not.

Use white wine vinegar as a pretreatment for the stains to yank out the oils.

Soak the item in diluted vinegar for one hour surpassing washing as normal and your stains will be lifted.


AVOID your skirt or dress sticking to your soul with static by keeping dryer sheets handy.

Rub the dryer sheet all over whatever item has static to solve problems in seconds.

If dryer sheets are too big for your bag, you can moreover rub a safety pin over your outfit to venting static.

  • Lenor dryer sheets, 3, Asda


Apply this to create a windbreak between your legs and stop chub rub
Cult Beauty

CHAFING is one of the most irritating consequences of summer weather, whatever your shape or size.

But you can alimony the painful rash at bay by using Megababe Thigh Rescue, which is unromantic like roll-on deodorant and creates a windbreak between your legs.

And its palm-sized, so you can siphon it with you day or night in a small bag.

  • Megababe Thigh Rescue, 12, at


ABSORB any underboob sweat that might occur on a warm day by subtracting a panty liner to your bra.

Thin, lightweight and absorbent, the liner wont scarecrow you and will midpoint you wont have to be checking for sweat all day.

The key is to make sure yours are unscented.

  • Carefree panty liners, 85p, Tesco


Dylon Spray Starch Aerosol Spray 300m
You need some starch spray if you love linen but find it creases as soon as you put it on

IF you love linen but unchangingly find it creases as soon as you put it on, all you need is some starch spray.

Give your outfit a thorough iron the night surpassing you are due to wear it, or a good hour surpassing you put it on.

This allows the fabric to tomfool in the way you want it, then sluice it in starch spray, which acts like hairspray for your gown and stops it moving out of place.

  • Dylon starch spray 1.50, Wilko


ABOLISH the unvarying pulling up of your boob-tube by getting some stick on Velcro to secure it in place.

All you need to do is cut one piece small unbearable to stick on your strapless bra and the other side to your top to stop the slipping.

You dont need to get a needle and thread out to wield the Velcro and if you get it in the wrong place you can retread as you like.

  • Stick-on Velcro tape, 4.99, Amazon


Garnier Micellar Water, 400ml
You can shift unwanted make-up marks on your collar and deodorant marks on tops with a travel size make-up remover

SHIFT unwanted make-up marks on your collar and deodorant marks on tops with make-up remover.

Never rub, just dab as many times as needed to lift the stain.

Theres no need to luga giant snifter around, you can buy a travel size one or pre-soak cotton pads in the solution and alimony in a small Tupperware box.

  • Travel Garnier Micellar Water, 3, Boots


FABRICS such as polyester tend to cling on to smells increasingly than other fabrics considering they are water-repelling.

This ways if sweat hits a synthetic fabric it dries fast and sits on top.
Banish the smell and the discolouration it can create by pre-soaking the garment in unprepossessed water and a quarter cup of sultry soda for ten minutes.

Rinse with wipe water, wring out the item and wash as normal.


fab friday front,
Wonderbra can solve the puzzler of trying to find a supportive bra you can wear with strappy tops if you have big boobs

IF you have big boobs, you know all too well the puzzler of trying to find a supportive bra that you can wear with strappy tops without the thick bra straps showing.

You need to go strapless and you need the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bra.

Available in sizes 30D to 40E, it has silicone dots withal the inside that grip the skin, without stuff uncomfortable.

  • Ultimate strapless bra, 48, Wonderbra


WHEN your feet or ankles swell up from stuff in the heat, you need to massage them to reduce puffiness.

The last thing you may want to do is rub your once hot skin, but firm massaging strokes towards the heart can help move any fluid out of your feet or ankles and reduce swelling.

If that doesnt do the trick, you can get cooling foot spray to help the swelling too.

  • Insect cooling spray, 3.50, Boots


e.l.f. Shadow Lock Eye Primer Sheer
You can prevent eye primer to contact points on your squatter to prevent your sunglasses taking off the make-up on your nose

PREVENT your sunglasses from taking off the make-up on your nose by applying eye primer to the contact points on your face.

It is water-resistant, which ways sweat wont remove them like some make-up products.

Put on for 15 minutes surpassing wearing sunglasses.