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My ‘lazy girl’ Trader Joe’s dinner is ready in 5 minutes – it tastes amazing and is healthy too

A FOOD enthusiast has shared her lazy girl cooking megacosm that won’t take too much of your time or money.

For the weeknights she doesn’t finger like making much, she’ll whip up a quick and healthy dish.

Food enthusiast Kalena posted a video of her lazy girl meal that only takes five minutes to make
She made a healthy soup using all Trader Joe’s ingredients

Kalena (@kalenainthekitchen) can go big or small when it comes to her dinners.

Yet, there are some nights when the day has worn-out her too much to plane think well-nigh doing meal prep.

For those who know the feeling, she posted a video to share her easy and succulent recipe for soup.

“This soup only takes five minutes to make and five minutes to eat,” she proclaimed.

All of the ingredients were from Trader Joe’s.

Kalena started by slicing one pack of the grocery store’s yellow sausage.

She seared the meat at medium heat until the outsides were brown and a bit crispy.

Next, she widow in one carton of roasted red pepper and tomato soup to the pot.

Kalena threw in a bag of cauliflower gnocchi and let it swash in the soup for five to six minutes.

She topped the soup off with a 1/2 bag of spinach with a half bag of spinach.

“Something well-nigh this soup is so good,” Kalena admitted.

“It’s hearty and delicious.” And her dog thought so too.

She shredded some cheese to top her trencher off.

Excited viewers rushed to thank Kalena in the comments.

“This looks so good. I’m definitely making this this week,” an eager supplies fan wrote.

Another follower agreed: “Actually a recipe I haven’t made from Trader Joe’s. Thank you. Great idea.”

“Made it tonight! So good. Widow fresh basil and a cup of water so it was a little thinner. Thank you!”

She cooked a pack of yellow sausage first, widow the soup, and a bag of cauliflower gnocchi