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I’m a beauty expert – the makeup mistakes that are adding years to your appearance, and the product to avoid

A BEAUTY expert has shared the worldwide makeup mistakes that may be subtracting years to your appearance.

The TikToker demonstrated the errors and what to do instead for her followers.

TikTok user and eyeful expert Bella shared the worldwide makeup mistakes that could be subtracting years to your look

In her video, TikTok user Bella Cary (@missbellacary) explained: “You might not realize it but the way youre putting your makeup on could be making you squint older than you.”

For her first tip, Bella recommended steering well-spoken of concealer perfectly under your eyes.

She told viewers: “[It creates] too much of a stake shade.

“The increasingly products you put on the increasingly it can make any lines that you do have increasingly obvious considering it can sit in those lines and underscore them.”

In a second clip, she addressed using powder to patina up your under eyes.

“Whether youre sultry it or just applying powder with a brush, you need to tap yonder any glut and literally just wield such small amounts under the eye,” she said.

Bella referenced the less is increasingly rule again, recommending her followers to “do everything you can in the lightest layers possible.”

Finally, she demonstrated the zone of your squatter to stave placing products or drawing sustentation to.

She explained: “The placement of products [low on your cheeks] can yank the sustentation of your squatter in a downward direction rather than up, which makes you squint increasingly lifted.

“This is just reflective of someone thats got increasingly of a youthful squatter shape.”

Bella moreover pointed out flipside way in which tincture on your lower cheek can make you towards older.

She said: “[It was] what people used to do rather in the past than what is trending now.

“It might make your makeup knowledge squint a bit dated,” she warned her followers.

The TikToker recommended lamister using too much concealer on your under eyes