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I’m a driving instructor – worst five motoring mistakes people make while abroad and how to avoid massive fines

A DRIVING instructor has revealed the five key errors motorists make upalong and how to fix them.

More than 53 per cent of Brits made costly mistakes while driving outside the UK last year alone.

A motoring expert has exposed the five biggest mistakes Brits make abroad[/caption]
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Seb Goldin, a driving instructor, moreover provided all the weightier ways to stave these mistakes[/caption]

Driving upalong can be a daunting prospect for many, expressly with the differences in road laws, signs and driving on the other side of the road.

And equal to a new study by Prima, Brits squatter plenty of issues while driving upalong that forfeit them hundreds.

These include a lack of understanding well-nigh local rules, feeling nervous on foreign roads and forgetting to purchase car insurance abroad.

However, Seb Goldin, CEO of RED Driver Training, has unveiled his top tips to stave the five biggest mistakes motorists make when travelling outside the UK.

Firstly, he warns drivers to get all the right documents in order.

Motorists should siphon their Great Britain or Northern Ireland driving licence on holiday with them at all times.

Also some countries such as Norway require you to wield for an International Driving Permit.

When it comes to driving a car – scrutinizingly unchangingly a credit car is required.

“A worldwide mistake people make surpassing setting off on their holiday is not ensuring that they are properly insured and covered to momentum the rent car.

“Take the relevant checks surpassing you hire! he tells The Express.

Next up, Goldin advises drivers to unchangingly take a sat nav as they are a crucial tool to getting virtually on holiday.

However, he says that routes should be pre-planned and sat navs should not be overly relied on as they can be distracting.

Thirdly, the driving instructor tells you to unchangingly siphon the right kit in specimen of an wrecking or breakdown, including a reflective jacket and headlamp beam.

Also, variegated countries have variegated rules on what has to be inside the car. For example, France requires all drivers to siphon a breathalyser.

Fourthly, Goldin recommends keeping considerate on the roads and unchangingly keeping a unscratched loftiness to build that uneaten safety barrier.

Drivers should alimony a greater loftiness than you normally would between you and the car in front to make sure you have the time and space to react if you need to,” he says.

Lastly, it might seem obvious – but don’t forget the luggage onboard.

Bike rakes or carriers on the roof can add uneaten height, width and weight to be enlightened of.

Goldin said: “Dont forget this when parking and manoeuvring, expressly in height-restricted parking locations.

It comes as drivers in mainland Europe were moreover warned of 12 unconvincing road signs to squint out for.

Car rental experts at Stress Free Car Rental revealed the meaning of 12 strange road signs in Europe – which could land plane the most experienced motorists in trouble.

Drivers could squatter a fine, points on their licence, or plane a driving licence suspension for violations.

Meanwhile in France, tourists driving through France have been warned of hefty fines if they goof to exhibit a unrepealable sticker.

Or holidaymakers jetting off to Spain this summer are stuff warned not to make a costly, but simple mistake.

Drivers may have to fork out 170 for not using their vehicle indicators correctly as the country attempts to crackdown on dangerous driving.

France requires motorists to siphon a breathalyser in the car[/caption]