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Foam Pumpkin Fall Door Decoration

Learn how to make a trappy fall door decoration out of a foam craft pumpkin.

Fall is nearly here and I couldn’t be increasingly excited. It’s my favorite season for crafting!

I’ve had the idea for today’s craft floating virtually in my smart-ass for a while now, and decided now was the time to finally try it out.

Grab one of those big craft foam pumpkins… we’re going to cut it in half and turn it into a cute door decoration!!

This is a really cute fall decoration that you can customize to any verisimilitude scheme and can be made in an afternoon. It comes together really quickly.

This post is sponsored by Hobby Lobby.

Materials Needed

I found everything for this project at Hobby Lobby. They have such a unconfined fall collection with so many gorgeous fall florals and tons of pumpkins to segregate from. It’s fall crafting heaven.


Step 1 Look for the seam on your foam pumpkin. It’s where the manufacturer tying the two halves together. Cut withal that seam all the way around. This part is a bit tricky. Please go slow and use caution! The zone virtually the stem is thick, so I ended up wearing all virtually the thinner parts and using a kitchen pocketknife to saw through the thicker stem.

Step 2 Pull untied the individual stems from your bouquet and unify them at the top of the pumpkin. Attach them with florist wire and hot glue. You can see me attempting this in the video below. There’s probably a largest way to do this… I just sort of kept wrapping wire virtually things and gluing pieces lanugo until everything stayed put. Be sure to cut off any stems that are too long.

Step 3 Add a twine or ribbon loop to the top so you have something to hang it with. Here’s what the when of my pumpkin looked like when I was all done:

Now go hang it on your front door and revere your new fall door hanging! I think it looks like something you’d spend a fortune on from a boutique, don’t you? Going a bit increasingly muted with the jewel and earth tones adds to that luxe feel. I’m telling you, ownership the pre-made bouquets is the way to go considering the professionals put all the variegated types of floral stems together for you. Love that little trick!

And you still have half a foam pumpkin left over, so you could make flipside one for a friend. Yay!

Pumpkin Door Hanging Video Tutorial

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