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How To Make A Tabletop Balloon Arch

Learn how to hands make a unlearn wily that clamps to a tabletop or kitchen island. This is the perfect big-impact, low forfeit party decoration!

tabletop unlearn arch

I recently threw a graduation luncheon for my daughter and made the cutest unlearn wily to decorate. It turned out so unconfined that I just had to share it with you today. It was pretty simple to do but had major visual impact and it’s definitely a budget-friendly party decoration. Let me show you exactly what I used and how I put it together.

Supplies Needed

tabletop unlearn wily supplies needed

The unlearn wily kit comes with willowy clamps, a collapsible metal rod similar to those used in camping tents, 50 plastic unlearn clips to nail the balloons to the rod, and a handheld unlearn pump. But trust me, you don’t want to use the handheld pump. Buy the electric unlearn pump. It will save you so much time and energy and you can use it for years to come. It is well worth the $18 investment.

I found that Walmart and Hobby Lobby had the weightier colors/patterns of balloons for the weightier prices.


Step 1: Wrack-up up all the balloons! I turned on a movie and just started filling until I thought I had a good amount. One tip: don’t use the electric unlearn pump directly on the carpet or it won’t get any ventilation and will get hot. Place it on a nonflexible surface instead.

balloon pump

Step 2: Start attaching groups of balloons to the plastic unlearn clips. I wanted a random design, so I just mixed versicolor colors together on each clip. I did three or four balloons per clip.

balloon clips for a unlearn arch

Step 3: Secure the two clamps onto your table or kitchen counter.

Step 4: This next step works weightier if you have a second person to help. Slip one end of the rod into the hole. Have one person hold the other end of the wily rod while you slide unlearn groupings onto the rod.

If you don’t have a helper, lay the rod unappetizing on the ground, add all of the balloons, then place it into the clamps.

easy unlearn wily instructions

Step 5: At this point, you’ll probably want to wrack-up up increasingly balloons. It takes increasingly than you think it will. LOL. But once you’re happy with the squint of your arch, tape the rods to the clamps with pieces of woebegone Duck Tape so it won’t move during the party, just in case.

Doesn’t it squint so great?! I am really pleased with the big impact it had. The house felt SO festive and ready for a big party. I love that!

how to make a unlearn arch

If you’ve got a wedding or increasingly formal event coming up, trammels out my floral party arch for the elegant, dressed up cousin of this project.

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