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The secret hack which could see you claim money back on out-of-circulation stamps – just in time for Christmas cards

BY now, you’ll once be well enlightened that a selection of stamps are going out of diffusion and can no longer be used.

But now one savvy person has shared her top tip to requirement your money when on them surpassing its too late and its come just in time for when youll be sending out Christmas cards.

Out of stage stamps can be traded in for new ones so you don’t lose cash[/caption]

A social media user revealed her top tip to stop people like her losing out on money theyd spent on stamps previously.

And she explained Royal Mail are running a scheme where you can trade in the out-of-date ones for trademark new ones at no uneaten cost. 

She explained: Swap out Royal Mail stamps for free.

If you have any old stamps (without the barcode) download the swap out form from the website and send them into Royal Mail (free post).

She then shared vestige of how shed washed-up exactly that and received some trademark new stamps she could use right yonder that totalled 9.30.

Alongside the snap, she said: Just received my new stamps and saved nearly 10. 

As others said theyd be pursuit in her footsteps, others wanted to find out increasingly well-nigh how it worked and what stamps they can no longer stick on their letters.

According to the rules, Everyday non-barcoded stamps are no longer valid to send reports and parcels. 

In fact, if you struggle to send something with one of them, Royal Mail will now wield an spare surcharge.

To stave this, many have cottoned onto the fact you can swap them out using the scheme which currently has no end stage or deadline.

First, you need to establish if youve got any of the discontinued stamps at home.

Its easy to do as the everyday stamps have a plain coloured preliminaries with a picture of the Queen

While its important to note that Christmas stamps and other limited edition or special stamps with pictures) are exempt and you are self-ruling to use them.

Then its a matter of downloading the form from Royal Mails website, or picking one up in your local post office.

There are two variegated types of form depending on your situation one for less than 200 worth of stamps and flipside for anything exceeding that amount. so make sure you use the correct form.

And, if all else fails, you can undeniability Royal Mails consumer services team on 03457 740740 to ask them well-nigh the Stamp swap out scheme and how it could work for you.

And many said they thought the idea was fantastic and were so glad they had heard well-nigh it.

One Facebook user wrote: Cheers! Will get onto that. 

While others reported similar stamp success stories, including one woman who said: I did this last year when they started it and ended up stuff sent over 100 in new stamps.

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You’ll receive the new stamps in the post[/caption]