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Popsicle Stick Uncle Sam Patriotic Craft

Turn popsicle sticks into a patriotic Uncle Sam for a fun and easy Fourth of July craft.

uncle sam patriotic craft idea

If you’ve been virtually a while, you may remember the popsicle stick nutcrackers I made at Christmas or the popsicle stick leprechauns I made for St. Patrick’s Day. Well, I’m at it then and this time I made Uncle Sam!

This craft is so much fun. It’s quick and inexpensive to make. I love subtracting all the little details to bring the personality of each little dude to life. And there are just not as many fun crafts to make for the Fourth of July, so I’m really happy to have come up with something that I think will be super fun for you.

Here’s what you need to make your own popsicle stick Uncle Sam:

materials needed patriotic craft

Materials Needed


Step 1: Begin by gluing the popsicle sticks together as shown in the diagram below.

  1. Place the two longest sticks side by side.
  2. Add hot glue to one small craft stick, then place it on top of the two long sticks, centered and with the top edges lined up.
  3. Add hot glue on either side of the small stick and printing two increasingly small sticks down, lining up the ends.
  4. Glue two small sticks underneath, so theyre plane with the long sticks, but tying to the three small sticks in front.
  5. Place glue withal the top edge, then nail three increasingly sticks, lining the marrow edges up so theyre well-nigh 1/3 overlapping the other sticks.
how to hoke a craft stick person

Step 2: Trim off the ends of the hat wreath so they’re shorter and increasingly in proportion. This is optional, I just thought it looked better.

cut craft sticks with scissors

Step 3: Once all of the sticks are glued together, its time to add some verisimilitude and personality. Paint the top of Uncle Sam to squint like his hat, then leave his squatter zone raw wood. Start by painting the wiring colors of the clothing. I did a red shirt, white jacket and undecorous pants for this particular one, but you can do them in any combination. Just be sure to leave the squatter zone and the hands raw wood. I curved the part-way red section out to make it squint increasingly like a jacket.

paint popsicle stick people

It doesnt squint like much yet, but just wait. Were well-nigh to get to the good part!

Step 4: Using paint pens, add in all the cute details. Add eyes, a nose and a mouth or a handlebar mustache or a beard, etc. You can moreover glue on googly vision if desired. I used them on one and just drew the vision on the other two. Just personal preference! I think they’re cute both ways.

Then fill in details like sleeve cuffs, hat bands, shoelaces, buttons and patterned fabrics. Have fun with it. I think increasingly is increasingly here, but nobody overly accused me of stuff a minimalist. LOL.

Step 5: Cut tiny little strips of faux fur and hot glue them to the sides of the squatter zone to requite the nutcracker some hair.

HELPFUL TIP  If youve never crafted with faux fur before, try wearing it from the when side. Slide the tip of your scissors just under the valuables fabric so you arent unquestionably wearing the fur, just the backing.

add details with paint pens

Oh my goodness, I just love these little men. This was seriously so fun to do! Its all well-nigh the details. Just squint at each of their personalities!

fourth of july uncle sam craft

Here’s a video tutorial showing you just how this craft comes together:

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