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Beginner Woodworking Projects

Try one of these simple woodworking projects with very basic equipment! More than 50 original ideas that are ideal for do-it-yourself novices are included.

To be quite honest, woodworking intimidates me. As far as I'm concerned, anyhow. I always think that once I start cutting something, it's all over.

I cannot reverse what I have done if I make a mistake. I'm not sure why, but intimidation has always made me feel so certain. I doubt I'm alone in this.

Remarkably, the solution to fear of simple woodworking projects is the same as it is for many other aspects of life: just dive right in.

I'm going to urge you to go over the projects listed below, pick one you like,

What is a good first woodworking project?

What is a good first woodworking project

Start with something that has a lot of correct angles, in my opinion! You'll want a project that uses straightforward, easy-to-understand cuts and straightforward methods to assemble the wood.

The outdoor bench (#1), the wood tray (#44), the candle holders (#35), the bathroom mirror frame (#3), the drawer divider (#6), and the outdoor bench (#1) are my favorites.

Where can I find free designs for woodworking?

Numerous websites, including blogs, journals, and manufacturer sites, provide me with free blueprints. I would look on Pinterest. Many tool websites (Kreg Jig, Rockler, etc.) feature projects you can construct using their products. Ana White's site is one of my favorites for beginner woodworking projects.

I do still read magazines, yes. Something is there.

What can I create with leftover wood?

When you have little bits of wood, search for smaller beginner woodworking projects. I keep scraps in a box that is somewhat arranged according to size. I then just take what I require.

I believe the beverage caddy (#2), plant hanger (#13), hanging storage (#15), and birdhouse (#31) are wonderful projects to do with wood scraps.

Easy Woodworking Projects

These simple beginning beginner woodworking projects are ideal for beginners, and you'll enjoy them! Get a ton of inspiration for creating furniture for your whole house, including tables, benches, storage, and more.

DIY Outdoor Bench on a Budget

DIY Outdoor Bench on a Budget

Create a contemporary patio furniture that resembles a $1,300 Williams Sonoma purchase on a budget. It's really simple to assemble; no screws or nails are needed.

DIY Beer Caddy

Making this DIY beer caddy out of wood is simple! Get the free plans here; they make a wonderful handmade present.

DIY Mirror Frame

Find out how to create a cheap DIY bathroom mirror frame! It's detachable and fashionable!

Wood Doormat with Mid-Century Style

Take your favorite retro fabric and some wood slats to create a wood doormat with a mid-century feel! It's not as hard as you may imagine to do.

DIY Drawer Organizer

Discover how to create a homemade drawer divider with items you probably have laying around the house! We used leftover wood to make this organizer on a tight budget.

DIY Outdoor Table

Discover how to build an outdoor coffee table that is ideal for a variety of décor styles with this DIY project! Build it from gorgeous cedar for patio furniture that will endure a long time.

DIY Coffee Table Inspired By West Elm

DIY Coffee Table Inspired By West Elm

Our version of this coffee table was created using pallet wood for less than $50, but it was inspired by a $999 West Elm purchase. One of your favorite furniture projects will be this one.

Rustic Pallet Shelf

Ever notice a pallet left out on the side of the road? Don't let it go; make a farmhouse-style DIY pallet shelf out of it!

Stacked Wood Bench

Our bench was created for less than $60, although it was modeled after a $999 discovery from Crate and Barrel. Simple instruction!

Step Stool That Doubles as a Chair

Discover how to construct a wooden step stool that, when flipped over, becomes a chair. You'll adore the contemporary